he said, she said: negotiating bedding

What do you do when you are seeing this:

anthropologie floral duvet
image via

And he is thinking more along the lines of this:

contemporary beddingimage via

Or maybe it's all the pattern giving you heart eyes: 

rizwan bed collectionimage via

While he wants clean and fresh: 

modern bedroomimage via
Someone is going to have to bend. In this instance, I tend to be Team Guys. I mean it is really hard to ask your man to sleep in an Anthro catalog, you know? So... how do you get a little of what you want as well? Think about all the things that may seem a little less permanent to him: the throw at the end of the bed, maybe the quilt instead of the duvet, and of course pillows are all good places to start the negotiations. I am also a big advocate of his and hers nightstands and lighting. This is a clearly designated space of the room that is all yours, so take a few liberties with the girly glam goodies you are craving and work them in here. Other territory for the taking may be the bench at the foot of the bed, the rugs and artwork. You can add a little femininity into the boudoir and he will love it just as much as he loves you.

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