This is HARD and AWESOME and HARD all over again.

Yes, more often than not, this little guy is our most enthusiastic assistant. What he lacks in focus, he sure makes up in general insane cuteness.

I’m not going to sugar coat or lie to you guys. This is crazy hard. I love being a wife. I love being a mother. BUT the truth is I really love being ME too. After a year on this new adventure, I can say that there were many times that the ME part was not being served. We do not have to be martyrs to be good partners or mothers or business leaders. All systems in our lives are better served when the heart (that’s you!) is healthy.

I have been doing a lot of musing, reading, digging deeper than I ever have before in the last few months. They say it really does take a year after birth to get back to yourself and it is so true. It feels good to be coming back, but I am also rediscovering some things about myself. I am also rediscovering some things about how I see the world, how I see adversity, and how I CHOOSE to look at situations I am confronted with (good and bad). Musing… musing….

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