á la maison: entryway moodboard

entryway ideas

shop hotel glam
sconce lighting / sunburst mirror / console table / velvet ottoman / bookends / bowls

shop modern minimalist
pendant light / photo print / console table / fiddle fig branch / teak bowl / leather pouf / peruvian rug


Our place opens to a little hall and then mushrooms to a big open great room. Sooo.. a lot happens right at the point the place really opens up. You've seen the progress on our non traditional bar vignette. On the opposite wall, I am musing on creating an "entryway" story. The two sit so close to each other that they really need to sit together in a perfect balance of scale, weight and style.

The girl in me is dreaming of this hotel glam feeling, but I think the minimalist feeling is going to be the best compliment for the over all look of the space.

I'll find a way to add some girly chic touches however, don't you worry!

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