allons-y: 8 things for the chic traveler

chic travel accessories

Shop Ten Essentials for the Chic Traveler
1/ beaded pouch
2/ silk scarf in coral spice combo
3/ aloe + rosewater mist
4/ Ghost Train to the Eastern Star: On the Tracks of the Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux
5/ Starlet carryon
6/ Bose headphones
7/ UE wireless speaker in Yeti
8/ Honduras jotter pack

It is officially go time. The summer is upon us and that means we are ready to take off on sunny adventures. Part of the fun of travel is the prep and the planning! The packing starts a couple of weeks before and of course you have to pick up a few new bits to make the voyage both chic and comfortable! These are some of my top picks for the chic traveler.

1. These little clutches from Anthropologie are my FAVE little catch alls! I use one for all my tech accessories. I use another for important docs. I use one to hold my chunky accessories. I love these because once you settle into your destination you also have bag options! Perfecto!

2. A pretty and versatile scarf is a must. Perfect for the plane or train and handy for those long romantic walks back from dinner.

3. If you haven't met Little Barn Apothecary yet get ready to have your mind blown. They carry a yummy range of goodies from rich oils to safe deodorants, but this little number is my new obsession.  I get so dry when I travel and this lovely rosewater and aloe spray is a lifesaver.  Bonus - this makes the best gift if you are traveling with a buddy!

4. For me travel is an opportunity to unplug.  Call me old fashion, but I will forever clutch my stack of "real" books.  Paul Theroux is on of my all time faves to get me in the adventure mood.

5. This luggagggge!  A friend introduced me to Steamline some years ago and I have been dreaming about collection the entire line ever since.  Doesn't this just scream old world chic?  Love!

6.  Bose has been my go-to for headphones for years and years now.  The quality is unbeatable and now they're available in this white and gold?! Sold!

7. Fact: There is no TV in Maison d'Howell.  Yes, ironic, but true.  We are a house full of music and can't leave home without it.  The UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker is pretty darn impressive - and waterproof!

8. Travel inspires. There is no more simple way to say it. I must capture the inspiration, breakthroughs, daydreams...and it must be done in something pretty!


What are your must-haves for travel? Shout them out in the comments!  I love hearing about new little sweets.  The planning is so much a part of the fun!

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