inspiration: callaway butterflies

butterfly sanctuary One of our favorite things to do, Keli and I, is to just get in the car and drive. We used to do this often when we were a family of two. We like to explore. We love the freedom. Plus, it is a nice time when the world can melt away and you can just be together. This, of course, is a little different with a baby in tow, but as he is quickly becoming our funny little toddler, we are getting some of our spontaneity back!

A few weeks ago we packed up baby boy and took a little drive south to visit Calloway Gardens.  They have a lovely butterfly sanctuary that I remember from a visit looooong ago with my Girls Scout troop!

I was on a mission for inspiration, and I was just dying too see how baby boy reacted to the butterflies.  Mission accomplished on both fronts.  The butterflies were AMAZING and baby boy was gentle and glowing with delight and curiosity.  It was a really lovely day.

They are not the easiest to catch, but here are a few images worth sharing.  Stay tuned to see how this day will inspire future KAH collections!

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