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turks and caicosSometimes you just have to get away from it all.  

I believe the universe is very precise. When random situations arise you can rest assured that nothing is random.  A few weeks ago now an old friend called with an opportunity to join them on an island that has been on my "get there" list for a while now - Turks and Caicos.  Inspired with a true spirit of adventure we booked tickets and got baby an emergency passport so we could depart in three short weeks.  I know it is just the Caribbean, but it totally counts as an international trip!

Sure, it was gorgeous, the space was UNBELIEVABLE and there are these beautiful images to share, but this post is not really about all that.

What I really want to share is the shift in inner dialog that made this trip happen.  When my friend first proposed the idea to me these exact thoughts went through my mind. "Oh, we can't do that. How will hubby get the time off that quickly? We are going to make this trip with a toddler? How will we get a passport in time for baby? We cannot drop that kind of cash on a whim!"  You see where this is going quickly right?

So I got off the phone with her and said I will have to talk to the hubs about it and get right back to her.  

Enter Keli - my best mirror.  "What?!  Really?  LET'S DO IT!!," he says without one ounce of hesitation.

Literally all of my objections were in his mind part of what makes an adventure and adventure.

In the end this was one of the best trips of my life.  Even trumping all the freedom of travel pre-baby.  There is just something about letting the universe guide you that creates pure magic.  The people we met we were meant to meet.  Watching our baby fearlessly run down the beach and into the ocean - priceless.

Everything is about daily practice one positive, courageous thought at a time.  

Remember that being Fearlessly Chic does not mean we are not human.  It means we understand fully that we are committed to fear - less and not allow fear to motivate any piece of this precious life. Have you checked in with your inner dialog today? 

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