á la maison: black and white baby room

Listen, let's get real ok? Yes, I can have a fabulous vision. Yes, I can see it so clearly in my head. However, a baby, a move to a new city, a new house, and a new job for hubby in the span of eight months is kinda... a ton!  So for once I am taking my time.  While we were away on a family beach break baby's room got the black and white treatment!  I did not walk into the house having a complete vision for what I wanted to do with his room, and now I am glad that we lived in it a bit before I made any big decisions.

Since he is growing so quickly, I am glad we did not do the whole nursery treatment in his space which would have been appropriate for his age when we moved in.  Now that he is an active toddler, it felt better to create a space that could grow with him and we could all really hang out and play as well.

Black and white is pretty much to foundation of the whole house so it felt good to bring it into his room as well.  Plus...duh.  We got this fab low slung couch from CB2 and it is beyond comfy for lots of good stories.  We can all fit on it easily and it is low enough to not give me a total heart attack watching baby try to get on and off.

I am big on hiding all the toys, but in a not toy chest kind of way.  I found these great baskets from Nate for Target and they are perfect in the space.  Plus, these will likely shift around the house for years to come.

Still lots to do and and also gathering art for a big gallery wall.  Can't wait to hang my piece from my faves the Ampersand girls!

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